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Re: 2000 Journal

Sally wrote:

>It has been very interesting reading all the responses regarding 2000
>journals. I am curious if people were more inspired to document this year
>because it was the start of the new millennium? Or does everyone ponder the
>question at the beginning of a new year whether or not to start a new
>journal or way of documenting their days.

I've been documenting my days ever since I read "Artist's Way" several years
ago. Before reading Julia's advice on writing "Morning Pages," I was always
daunted by the idea of keeping a Journal.  I always thought that a journal
had to say nice things, be well-written, and not contain any miscellaneous
weirdness.  I always thought that, unless I could sit down and write
something beautiful, I shouldn't be writing in my journal.

The journal I keep now is a true record of how I feel or what I think at a
particular time during the day.  It contains grocery lists, to do lists,
sketches of potential projects, budgets, prayers, poetry, short stories,
venomous rants, dreams, essays of grief and loss, wish lists, and goals as
well as random little flat objects that strike my fancy.  The only thing
that is the same for all entries is that I write the date on every page.

I use my journal as inspiration for book projects and to collect great ideas
for projects so they don't get forgotten.

I wasn't more or less compelled to keep my journal because it's 2000;
however, I  tend to read my journals more often at two times during the
year:  in the days approaching or following a new year and in the days
approaching or following my birthday (in June).


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