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Digital Dante

>From an article in Wired at

UNESCO to Web: Go to Hell
by Joyce Slaton

A new multimedia project allows visitors to explore Dante's 700-year-old
vision of Hell, purgatory, and Paradise.

Sponsored by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural
Organization, more commonly known as UNESCO, the project features 120
original illustrations from a French translation of Dante's master work.


"The complexity of Dante's world can be very well presented on the Web,"
said Axel Plathe of UNESCO's information and informatics division. "You can
really make a journey through his world in a way you can't do with a book."


"Dante is so suited for multimedia," said Jennifer Hogan, the creator of
Digital Dante. "The text is so visual. In his original manuscript there are
lots of little pictures and maps and readers can't help visualizing the
work even while reading it."


UNESCO's Dante site will be up for the foreseeable future. UNESCO is
seeking volunteers to translate the French text into English and other

The site can be seen at <http://www.unesco.org/webworld/dante/>


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