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Re: How to get rid of cigarette smell on books ?

In a message dated 1/20/00 11:22:54 AM, eschlefer@NYAM.ORG writes:

<< Remember, however, ozone is toxic and should not be used in an area where
people will inhale it. >>

And the hotel people do NOT always tell you this. I checked into an
non-smoking room once, that had obviously been smoked in.  We called the
front desk and a while later a guy knocked on the door and brought in a
little machine. Told us it should be fine in the room in a couple hours and
he left. After sitting in the room about 40 minutes, I happened to look at
the machine (it was small and the note on it was smaller!). I read the note
which stated that people, animals and PLANTS! should not be in the room while
in use. I found it interesting, and a bit disturbing that the hotel
maintainance man told us nothing. So... if you ever have someone come in to
remove the smoky smell in a hotel room, be sure to vacate until the machine
does its thing.

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