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Re: Labels

>Laser toner can flake, especially on
>rougher papers. To consolidate I use Klucel G (aka Cellugel) which is
>available from Gaylord, University Products.... or SC6000 which is an
>acrylic wax.

I use Klucel G to protect laser toner labels as well, but if you try to brush it
on really rough paper, sometimes just the action of the brush on the rough
surface will smudge the toner.  (Obviously, I run paper through my laserprinter
which was never meant to be run through it...)  If this is the case, using a
spray fixative is the way to go.  Then putting some SC6000 on over that will
help give it a durable coating.


 Eric Alstrom
 Collections Conservator
 Dartmouth College
 Hanover, NH


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