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pamphlet sewing

This is a conservation question rather than a question of asthetics...

What are people's opinions about 3-hole versus 5 (or more)-hole pamphlet sewing?

Which is stronger as far as not having the item fall out of its cover?

Which is more diminsionally stable?  This is more a concern for sidesewn items
where the cover is sewn directly onto the pamphlet.

I know the argument that less holes are better since you aren't alterning,
defacing and weakening the paper as much.  But the pamphlets in question need to
be durable for a general library collection.  And with a backlog of close to
200, the added time of drilling two extra holes and having to pass the thread to
them begins to add up. The thickness of the pamphlets are all under 1/4" and the
heights range from roughly 5" to 12".

Any thoughts or justifications which will make it easier for me to go with the
3-hole sewing?


 Eric Alstrom  <eric.c.alstrom@dartmouth.edu>
 Dartmouth College Library Collections Conservator

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