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Re: Novice question

As a conservator, I like "Yes" paste.  It provides me with a certain
amount of income each year, when people bring me things to restore which
have been previously restored with "Yes" paste.

It is not a good adhesive because it is not long-lasting.  It will hold
things together in the short term.


>From:    sonja larsen <sonjanps@USLINK.NET>
>Subject: Re: Novice question
>I like "Yes" paste, which can be diluted to the consistency of fatfree
>milk, and is wonderful for gluing paper to bookboards, fabric to paper,
>etc.   Many artists use wallpaper paste to glue silk to paper.


From: "Jack C. Thompson" <tcl@teleport.com>
Subject: Re: Israeli parchment

The maker on the kibbutz in Israel is Clive Silverman, and his
address is:

Kibbutz Beit Rimon, D. N. Hamovil 17950 ISRAEL.
E-mail:  parchment@kinneret.kinneret.co.il      FAX: 972-6-6509646

I've known Rick Cavasin for some years and last November visited
Clive Silverman and looked over his operation.

Both of these people make excellent parchment; far superior to what
is otherwise available.


>From:    Paul T Werner <ptw1@IS6.NYU.EDU>
>Subject: Re: parchment
>On Thu, 20 Jan 2000, Peter Verheyen wrote:
>> Parchment can be had from binding supply vendors such as Bookmakers and
>Or from some of the people who actually make it (Rick Cavasin in Canada, a
>kibbutz in Israel that makes excellent skins, etc.).

Jack C. Thompson
Thompson Conservation Laboratory
Portland, Oregon 97217

503/735-3942  (voice/fax)


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