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Re: Scotch Tape on books

In Australia we are lucky to have eucalyptus oil, distilled from the leaves
of gum trees, which is available in health food stores and pharmacies. It is
an excellent solvent for the adhesive on sticky tape. With forceps in one
hand to lift and a fine brush dipped in the oil you can you can carefully
raise the tape.  A cotton bud can be used for mopping up. Leaving the work
in an airy place will allow the oil to evaporate. Put a sheet of glass or
polythene behind the page to act as a barrier. The oil will dissolve some
plastics. I believe there is another solvent based on orange oil which can
be used.

If you have sinus trouble the oil will help with that too! There's no need
to wear a mask.

There will always be some residual yellow stain unfortunately.

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