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Re: Fore Edge Painting

Trent --

I don't know if anyone's still doing them, but here's a list of books about
fore-edge painting.  Most of these can still be found in a good university

Earp, Martha H. The curious art of fore-edge painting. Tampa, FL: The
Author, 1980.
[Spccoll TCN: AGZ8130].

Greear, Yvonne Etnyre. Hidden Treasures: A Brief History and Study of
Fore-edge Painting.
The Author, 1979. 22p.

The History and Technique of Fore-edge Painting. Baltimore, MD:
Loyola-Notre Dame
 Library, Inc., 1983. (Recording, 60min.).

Swan, Nancy Christenson. A Study of Modern Fore-edge Painting. Washington,
DC: Catholic University of America, 1956. 107p.

Weber, Carl Jefferson. Fore-edge Painting at Syracuse University. Syracuse,
NY: Syracuse
University Library Associates, 1993. 114p.

__________. Fore-edge paintings, a historical survey of a curious art in
book decoration.
Irvington on Hudson, NY: Harvey House, 1966. 223p. [Spccoll Rare D-260].

 __________. A Thousand and one fore-edge paintings, with notes on the artists,
bookbinders, publishers and other men and women connected with the history
of a curious
art. Waterville, ME: Colby College Press, 1949. 194p.


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