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Re Scotch Tape on books

I read with interest the eucalyptus (or orange) oil suggestion for the
removal of tape from books. I have a bible from about 1860 and the cover
only has wide scotch tape on it. Though it seems structurally sound just
from handling it, the tape is at the top across the front, spine, and back,
as if someone were afraid it would come apart otherwise. The leather is
cracked and peeling back in places, with some of it missing.

Anyway, what I'm wondering about is using Bestine (rubber cement thinner)
to get the tape off. It's the best all around sticky-stuff remover I ever
found, but maybe there is something bad about it's action on old leather
that I don't know about. It evaporates instantly, and I'm even thinking it
could work on inside pages without the stain problem Adrienne mentioned,
though I personally don't have need of using it on the inside.

Anyone know? Also wonder if I could have the name of a good restorer in the
Monterey Bay, California, and environs area. We'd like to get it as good as
it can, rather than tackle a home job, as we are novices at this.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Jackie Peeler

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