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Another novice question

I'm experimenting with bindings that leave the spine of the book exposed,
but I'm disappointed by the lack of 'rigidity' in the finished book. This is
due, I think, to there being no mull on the spine, or glue worked in between
the signatures on the spine. The signatures all move too much in relation to
each other and the whole book 'twists', instead of staying nice and square.

I like to bind 'vanity' works for friends (they're not vain, but their work
is not intended to be commercial), and one thing they seem to appreciate is
seeing their words in a 'real book'. While I like the exposed bindings, and
the use of coloured silks and beads is going to be wonderfully appropriate
for some things I'm working on at the moment, I don't want to lose the 'real
book' feeling.

I think I'm stitching as tightly as I can. Am I missing something else?


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