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Texoprint paper

Some months ago I was talking about the wonderful paper that Galen Berry
uses for his marbling and had said I would investigate how to get it as
others on the list wanted to know more about it.  Galen was off teaching at
the time and then I got busy with other stuff.

You can order it directly from Galen.  You can get to his web site from the
Book Arts list by following the link to decorated papers.  His telephone
number is 1-405-949-1239 to order it.  I just got some and will quote from
the information sheet he put in with it:

Texoprint is a very durable, waterproof paper that works very well for
marbling.  It is a commercial printing paper and is never available in art
supply or stationery stores.  It was designed by kimberly-Clark as a paper
that can get wet and not fall apart, and so is used for such diverse
purposes as nautical maps, outdoor posters, and frozen turkey labels!  it
also doesn't shrink, wrinkle, or buckle up when it dries.  It contains a bit
of latex in the fiber, therefore it doesn't have the same feel as a
"natural" paper, but at least it doesn't have the completely plastic feeling
of something like Tyvek.  You will never have to worry about corners ripping
off when you pick it up wet, as so many other papers do, or about having to
press it flat for weeks to remove the creases caused by your dring rack.
Bookbinders may need to know this: the grain runs across the paper in the
short direction.

I have found it wonderful stuff to work with, very forgiving and accepting
of glue.  I think it will be splendid for paste paper, though I haven't
tried it yet since it just got here yesterday.

Joyce Jenkins
Petersburg, Alaska

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