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Re: Book artist/bookbinders/printers websites

--- Night Light Publishing <night.light.publishing@EROLS.COM> wrote:
>...in fact, I would like to request that anyone interested in doing so send
>the same
>to the list.
>Many thanks-
>Sarah Palmer
--- end of quote ---

Can I make another small request (and Peter may or may not let this one get by
since we are getting a bit off topic.  Sorry Peter!):

People should put a little signature file on the bottom of their messages (like
Peter does and I have on the end of this one) which not only identifies the
sender by name (or nickname or company) but also the city/area/region/even just
the country they are from and it should include URL's if the person has it.
Most email programs will do this automatically if you tell it to do so.

I like to know where people are from.  It makes our small (but spread out)
community seem that much closer together.  And adding your URL is like a bit of
free advertising anytime anyone reads this message.  You may not get everyone
rushing off to your webpage, but if only a small percentage do, most advertising
execs would call that a sucessful ad campaign.

Thanks for entertaining my request.

 Eric Alstrom       Hanover, NH
 Book: Artist | Binder | Conservator

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