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Re: Labels -- Fusing of laser printer toner

Just thought I'd put my 2=A2 worth in to the discussion....

A number of years ago, I, too tried to run Mi-Tientes through the=20
photocopier--and I had an excellent one (Canon)--with the hope of adhering=20
the "foil" to the toner; however, met with the same problem as previously=20
mentioned--the toner would not adhere to the surface of the paper.  As a=20
matter of fact, there wasn't even the ability to then put it through again t=
fuse it further; there was no image at all.  I agree that it has to do with=20
the surface of the paper--too many "bumps"  (for lack of any other technical=

Similar results were experienced with some linen-surfaced paper although it=20
was not as drastic and maybe that would work with Bill Minter's suggested=20
process. As an example, many of you may all have experienced receiving a=20
letter in the mail which had had the text transfer to another part of the=20
correspondence as a result of folding.

Another thought is to have your printer/photocopier serviced to make sure=20
that the fusing elements are working properly; i.e., at the appropriate=20

This is a fun process...when it works!

in Southern California

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