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Re: Ink Jet Printer INK

I'm sorry I neglected to say that I use an Epson Stylus 1520 color
printer and I buy the cartridges from a website:


They sell cartridges for a variety of brands of printers. I only have
experience with the ones for Epson. These cartridges are not endorsed by
Epson and in the manual, Epson warns against using cartridges other than
their own. That said, the only difference I have noticed is that the
magenta seems to clog a little easier but is also easily cleaned out.
The inks make no claim to being waterfast but I was unable to make them
run with water. I did have the black ink bleed when I was printing on
Nideggen paper. The paper didn't get wet, the ink bled as it was being
applied. Obviously, sizing differences and other variables in the paper
will affect bleeding.
Emily Martin

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