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Re: binding same text

David--can't say I do have any suggestions on this one right now.....I'd
have to think it over.

Actually--  If you were going to have a contest originally, was there a

Or, rather---if you learned that BCC was having a contest, couldn't you
just donate the books to them to be given to binders who cannot afford to
buy the book?  For example, specifically for "single parents" or, whatever
category?  Or--you could announce that you have the book to distribute to
a new branch of book-artists/bookbinders (there is a new group in
Pittsburgh) and say that you'd give all 25 to any branch which votes that
25 of them (or 2 small groups--whatever) agree to be in the contest of the
BCC?  How's that?  Maybe that would work--don't compete with the BCC--just
join forces--distribute the book to a branch, or to new members, low
income members, student members at some book-arts course, etc.  Or--just
on the Book_Arts list--to anyone who would compete in the contest, so as
to spur on more interest
in this particular Book Club of California--good publicity for BCC also!
  Good Luck,

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