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Re: Kwikprint info

You might want to give Kwikprint a call and ask for the operation manual.  It
gives a good overview of the situation.  I use a Kwikprint manual press for
gold stamping Unibind Covers.  The foil I use is code BK. Most stampings are
custom alloy stamps made by Kwikprint to my design. These are pretty
inexpensive at about $40 - $50 each.

The key to making good stampings is the right combination of temp, stroke,
and dwell.  My experience is that the highest possible temperature is best,
with the BK tape I am running up to 325 deg.  Tip: a solid stroke with
extremely short dwell time allows the use of a higher temp.  The best way I
can describe my stroke is that is something like a boxer's jab  -- short,
quick, but with near maximum power.

Some key basics is that the bottom platten is aligned with the type head,
this is critical and solves many problems.  Another is a solid way of holding
the item to be stamped.

Several effects are possible by double or even triple stamping.  This
requires being able to consistantly place and hold the book in the same spot.
 For my front cover stamping, I always stamp the cover first without any
foil, remove the book place the gold foil on and then stamp again.  This
makes for a nice embossed effect when done right.  Another effect is to stamp
the book a third time without any foil, this makes for a burnished gold

My secret tip:  in my die designs, I will include a solid line around the
outside edges of the characters. In the stamping, this line will distinctly
show up and help define the edge of the character, this, especially when
combined with the above embossing technique, really makes the characters pop
out.  When everything works right, it looks great.
DT Fletcher

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