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Looseleaf no-holes binder


I'm trying to locate a source for a type of binder that I have, and don't know
what it's called or where I originally got it (it was probably a cast-off from a
library).  I use it for binding loose sheets, and it works as follows: there are
hard covers and the spine acts as a big spring. The best description I can give
is that it is like a giant "binder clip." Fold back the covers all the way, and
use the front and back covers as handles of the clip/spine. The whole spine clips
the paper in place, and it is 12" long so you can bind 8.5"x11" sheets along the
long side. Withg this binder, it's easy to reshuffle pages, and  you don't need
to punch holes or in any other way damage the sheets themselves. I've found it
great for temporarily bind together materials from disparate places (xerox, web,
magazines....) until I'm ready to either collage or bind them in more permanent

Has anyone seen such a binder? I've tried searching the web, but don't know what
to search for, since I don't know what they are called, or  if they are even
still made. Thanks in advance for any replies.

Sabrina Yeh
Costa Mesa, California

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