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Re: Fore Edge Painting

Yup I have pretty much a set fee for my talks on:
Fore Edge Paintings; Book Collecting; Pennsylvania-German
Fraktur Bookplates; Etc ...
but such discussion should probably best be done off-list.


Lavinia Adler wrote:
> Hi, Ron. There's a group in Binghamton, N.Y. which MIGHT be interested in> your talk. I'm not sure how they compensate speakers. Have you a set
> price? This subject might come up tomorrow at a meeting, so I'll mention > you whether or not I've had a response from you yet. (It's the Friends of> the Library at Binghamton Univ.) The meeting is usually in early Oct.> Sorry I don't have time for details now.
> Lavinia Adler
> > I give an illustrated talk about Fore-Edges.  When places are
> > looking> > for an (entertaining and informative) speaker - please do call me.
> >
> > Have books and slides - will travel ;)
> >
> > Ron

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