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Re: matches

I use to exhibit in trade shows and we were required to paint all of our
paper displays with fire retardentt.  It was a clear liquid. It was a long
time ago so my memory is fuzzy on the details. I think your best  bet is to
call or pay a visit to your local fire department.

>Does anyone know if matches can ignite under exhibition lighting?  I have
>made several artist books using actual matches - one is now in exhibition
>I was asked by the curator if the matches could ignite.  It seems unlikely
>and I (and other artists) have used matches in work without ever having a
>problem - so I'm not particularly worried but I thought I'd ask.  Also:
>anyone know of a solution - a fluid or material  - that I could use that
>would make the matches un-ignitable?  I do not want to remove the
'match-heads' as their color adds to the book AND, more importantly, their
>se is part of the content.
>- Robbin Ami Silverberg
>   Dobbin Books, NYC
>   DobbinMill@aol.com
Jill Timm, Visual Media Designer
User Centered Design, IBM Austin
(512) 838-9267, jtimm@us.ibm.com

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