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Re: Italy

>I'll be in Bologna, Florence, Sienna, and Venice later this month.  If
>you are aware of book artists or exhibitions in or near that region,
>can you give me info on how to contact them?  I'd like to see work
>of artists in the area.  Thanks.
>Lisa Pogoff

Lisa, it's hard to walk around Florence or Siena without bumping into
bookbinders workshops and shops selling beautiful book arts. (I don't
know about Bologna and Venice.) Asking the binders there would probably be
the best way of finding the most up to date information. There is a very
important library in Florence, full of major book treasures, but one
usually has to arrange for an appointment in order to see the stores - they
are involved in research and restoration, and didn't have much publicly on
display when I was there.


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