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Re: matches

In a message dated 2/4/00 12:04:03 AM, you wrote:
<<Subject: Re: Book with matches>>

Jakob - I'll send you the scan off-list and then you can post it - I don't
have a webpage yet and I'm not particularly skilled in that area.

The Brooklyn Museum artist book show opening was wonderful - throngs of
people came to celebrate..I went with my husband, 12 week old - Maya Pearl -
and Betsy Davids, a book artist from Berkeley, CA, and we enjoyed seeing so
many NY book people in one place.  there's a catalog at the museum if anyone
is interested.

There will be another artist book show opening in Brooklyn: "Confluence -
Artist's Books", Opening reception: Feb. 26, 5-6pm at Five Myles Gallery,
Dates: Feb.26-March25... curated by Marian Griffiths, the ex-cirector of the
NY Sculpture Center.
- Robbin Ami Silverberg
Dobbin Mill/Dobbin Books

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