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Re: Kwikprint --Force tool -- further info

I have received a few replies/questions about my message regarding the FORCE
used for stamping. Hopefully, this will clarify the item/tool.

I use a Kensol 36 which is a wonderful stamping press -- the BEST in my
opinion. The Force should also be a useful tool for the Kwikprint.

The Force is simply a sheet of binder board, or other rigid material, such as
Plexiglas. The Force is not something you can purchase -- you make it
yourself for your particular needs. The sheet can fit the platen of the
stamping press, or it can be oversize. Mine is oversize for use (and reuse)
on many different sized items (book covers, labels, boxes, etc.).
    Note:  Binder board can be used for the Force, but it will deform after
repeated use because the type will usually be stamping in the same area. Once
it has deformed, you will have great difficulty in getting a good impression.
That's why I use the Plexiglas. I also attach a sheet of dense but resilient
rubber. But a sheet of thick card stock, or binder board will work for a few
impressions and then needs to be replaced. In the use of the Plexiglas, the
rubber or card stock will help protect your type or die from excessive wear.

There should be three "stops" that will insure that the sheet will always
return to the exact location under the stamping head. The "T-square" that
comes with the Kwikprint can be used for some/all of the "stops". I use two
pieces of type spacers "C"-clamped at the back corners of my stamping platen.
The third stop is adhered to the underside of the Force -- this allows it to
overhang both left and right over the platen for large items.
The piece of card stock is secured (taped) to the Force. The Force is set in
the press and a carbon paper impression is made. Lines are drawn to layout
the position of the item to be stamped. The item is taped in position. I use
masking tape and allow it to follow the edge of the item to insure that it
will not move.

Stamping: I neglected to mention that I too apply a minimum of two layers of
gold. Therefore, first a blind impression is made; the gold is laid on once
and a second time; then followed by another impression without the foil to
burnish the gold.

Hopefully, this clarifies the Force.
May you have the Force for your stamping press.

Bill Minter
William Minter Bookbinding & Conservation, Inc.
4364 Woodbury Pike
Woodbury, PA   16695
fax 814-793-4045

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