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Re: Kwikprint --Force tool -- further info

Great description!  The Unibind covers might be too big for using a force,
but the essential idea is to be able to place and return the
item-to-be-stamped at the exact same position.   I will clamp wood blocks or
custom forms to the platen to accomplish the same thing.

The idea that I really like is the hard-rubber backing.  Since I typically
stamp a large number of covers at the same time, my backup material gets
really chewed up and has to be regulary replaced.   Using hard rubber will
improve the process, both speeding up and improving quality at the same time.

Instead of using two sheets of gold foil, I usually stamp the same piece of
foil 2 or 3 times.  This usually gives good coverage without using the extra
foil.  My experience has been; where there are spots not covered with foil
from the first sheet these spots do not get covered using a second.  However,
a 2nd or 3rd stamping, without changing or moving the first sheet of foil,
will improve the coverage.

DT Fletcher

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