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Hello - boards - moisture

Hello, friends.

I have been away for a while and am glad to get back
to the list. I have a couple of questions, looked in
the archives but couldn't find anything.

1. Moisture in the boards: how do you bookbinders know
when your cover boards are completely dry? I feel them
and if they feel cool to the touch I presume there is
some moisture left. And of course if they start
bending the minute they come out from under the
pressing boards! But is there a better way to tell?

2. Binder's board: what kind of board (not necessarily
archival) could I use for journals, if I couldn't
afford Davy board? I believe good 3-ring binders are
made using chipboard, am I right? So far (don't laugh)
I have been getting scrap framing mat from framing
shops and pasting 2 mats together to get the thickness
I want. But the boards bend over time. Does anybody
know of a wholesale supplier in the San Jose, CA area?
So that I don't pay an arm and a leg for shipping?

Thank you, thank you,

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