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trim books with a circular saw?

I have attached an article that appeared in the newsgroup rec.woodworking.

Does anyone know if paper is ever cut with a circular saw? Is there a
special saw blade for cutting paper?

I thought that paper was always cut with a guillotine.

Subject: Re: Need rec. on table saw blade for odd purpose

> Brian Siano <bsiano@cceb.med.upenn.edu> wrote in message
> news:389DC450.6204A32A@cceb.med.upenn.edu...
> > Here's an odd project. I need a table saw blade that'll help
> > me cut the bindings off of magazines. I've been using a fine-tooth
> > plywood blade, but it seems like I'll need to find a blade that's
> > as fine-toothed as a hacksaw blade. Can't seem to find one: can
> > anyone tell me where I can get such a blade?
> >
> > (It occurs to me that a bandsaw blade might be available,
> > but I don't own a bandsaw, so...)
> >

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