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Re: trim books with a circular saw?

We use a machine I've heard referred to as a Pixie Grinder.  It's made for
milling the bindings off of magazines.  Not library bindings but the
publisher's.  There is a circular saw blade mounted horizontally (parallel
to the floor).  There is a clamp in which the issues are set and the clamp
carries the magazines over the saw blade (the magazines are clamped spine
down).  This is all enclosed in a metal cabinet (except for the clamp) and
there is a vacuum receptacle for the ground up spines.  The operator can
set the height of the blade, controlling the amount of spine ground off.
This machine works best with publications like Newsweek and Time that are
folded and stapled.  For most other magazines (those that are adhesive
bound) we do use the hydraulic guillotine.

I'm not sure if these machines are available used or where one would find
any for sale in the first place.

>I have attached an article that appeared in the newsgroup rec.woodworking.
>Does anyone know if paper is ever cut with a circular saw? Is there a
>special saw blade for cutting paper?
>I thought that paper was always cut with a guillotine.
>Subject: Re: Need rec. on table saw blade for odd purpose
>> Brian Siano <bsiano@cceb.med.upenn.edu> wrote in message
>> news:389DC450.6204A32A@cceb.med.upenn.edu...
>> > Here's an odd project. I need a table saw blade that'll help
>> > me cut the bindings off of magazines. I've been using a fine-tooth
>> > plywood blade, but it seems like I'll need to find a blade that's
>> > as fine-toothed as a hacksaw blade. Can't seem to find one: can
>> > anyone tell me where I can get such a blade?
>> >
>> > (It occurs to me that a bandsaw blade might be available,
>> > but I don't own a bandsaw, so...)


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