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We have discovered an outbreak of mold on the covers of a still
undetermined number of volumes in our reference collection, and the
University's "Mold Crew" (lead by an Industrial Hygienist, their concern is
the effects of mold on people, not objects) have given us a liquid called
Quarternary, made by Hillyard Industries, to wipe off the covers with, as
well as a HEPA vac to use.   According to the material safety data sheet,
this is a solution of 4.61% didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride, 3.07%
dimethy benzyl ammonium chloride, is water soluble, and has a pH of 6.5 -
7.5.   I have found no information in any of our book conservation texts,
or in the Abbey newsletter.   Does anyone have any further information on
this product, or care to offer an alternative?    I'd also like to know if
anyone knows where Sterilizing Services, formerly of Cumberland RI has
gone;  is there anyone else who does ethylene oxide fumigation?   Thanks

Maureen Sharp

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