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Re: Hello - boards - moisture

   To avoid the bends, cut one board with grain running
   lengthwise, the other with grain running crosswise.  When you glue them
   together, voila' !  No more bends!

Hi Susan. I've been making exposed spine chain stitch books recently using
matboard. (I also mat and frame.--I'm fortunate to have a good supply.) But
I've always used only one thickness and have never been quite sure how to
get a thicker board. My question is: how do you know what the grain of the
board is? Rag board (which I try to use when I can), from what I can tell,
doesn't seem to have a discernable grain. Am I just missing it?
Mary Cromer
Southwest Virginia

Mary Varson Cromer
(540) 328-0153

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