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split corner

Responding to Norman's query re How to Repair the Bumped Box Corner-

It probably fell right on the corner, making a reverse lump, right? I usually
deal with this by taking a thin card (index card works well) and lightly
coating with PVA in both sides of the strip of card or a corner (depending on
the size of the bumped area). Then slip this glued card between the layers of
the split.

If the box was made of Davey board, the laminations usually separate when
injured with a drop such as you described, so they are obvious. Layer by
layer, insert the glued card and gently pull it out, setting down one
lamination on the next and gently smoothing with the flat tip of a bone
folder. Then use whatever means at your disposal to weight the corner -
usually a barrier on the inside and a small weight over the newly glued area
will do the trick.

Let the work dry for at least 12 hours to laminate completely, then re-adhere
the cloth from the interior of any separation. Use a small bit of adhesive on
the tip of your bone folder. This is worked onto the inside of the cloth
before putting it down on the repaired board.  One final note - always use les
s adhesive than you think necessary. You don't want another problem caused
from excessive glue and ooze staining the exterior of your repair. Keep a
Rubber Cement Pickup handy, just in case (get this at an art supply store &
keep it in your tool kit).

Hope this helps. It's worked for me for years.
Paula Marie Gourley

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