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Laser printing onto cloth!!

I was given a copy of Cover to Cover on Friday.  In it there was an
article, written by Patsy McCarty from Book Group in Nevada, about running
uncoated paper backed book cloth through a laser printer.  Included was a
sample that LBS (Library Binding Service) had run through an HP printer.
So I gave it a try and it worked!

I used a piece of 8.5" X 11" cloth from our 231 series of Japanese cloth.
It's much like Iris cloth or some of the new natural-finish cloths from
LBS.  The cloth does need a clear coat to protect the printing.  The
article recommends Krylon Clear Spray while LBS says it prefers No Odor
Spray Fix.  I used Krylon and the only thing I noticed was a very slight
discoloration (the cloth turned a wee bit darker).

I don't have access to a color laser printer but LBS says their testing
shows that it works just as well.

Has any one else tried this?  Any other recommendations for a spray fix or
clear coat?

Oh the possibilities...

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       but nature does not depend on us.
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