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Re: Laser printing onto cloth!!

There has been quite a bit of discussion of sending cloth through computer
printers on some other lists that I'm on. I have tried it with my HP
deskjet 722c and it works just fine but I think the inks are fugitive. You
must iron the cloth onto the waxy side of piece of freezer paper (available
at any grocery). There is a product available in quilt stores to treat the
cloth with before you print it that supposedly prevents the inks from
washing out, but I still don't think it's perfect and it doesn't address
the lightfastness issue. Others claim that spraying the image with Krylon
puts a UV protectant on it, but I couldn't say if that is true.

I'm fairly sure that precut and ready to use muslin fabric pieces (and
treated) are available, (maybe in craft stores?) someone said that Dharma
Trading has silk sheets all premounted (www.dharmatrading.com) Since I am
not producing "art for the ages" with this medium, I am not very interested
in spending a lot of money on these materials yet.

Aside from that, it is fun and has some mindboggling possibilities!


Susan Lightcap wrote:
> Very interesting this!  Any feedback on inkjet printing onto backed cloth or
> regular bookcloth?  My head is spinning with possibilities!

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