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Printing Type on eBay and in San Francisco

Jim Heagy of San Francisco, CA is now and will be selling high quality
and numinous fonts of type on eBay  Here is a sample of an auction that
will be ending Monday Feb 14:


Jim has over a thousand fonts of type in cases and some in original
wrappings. Last week he received perfect unused type from Bauer,
Amsterdam etc. In a week or so he will be offering on eBay 4 or 5 sizes
of 'Studio' type from the Amsterdam Type foundery in perfect shape.
Search on eBay under 'printers type', 'printing type', 'letterpress type'

Jim Heagy has probably the largest collection, the finest and certainly
the cheepest type at $2.00 a pound: Park Avenue, Centaur, Goudy faces,
Legend or Cheltenham: its all the same price. Also a wide range of
ornaments of every sort: mostly ATF and BBS back to the 1800's: priced
according to Jim's whim. Of course, if you wait until they go on eBay
they will go for quite a bit more.

To get the good deals you have to come to Jim's warehouse here in San
Francisco on Thursday or Sunday mornings. It's a lot like prospecting for
gold. The place is very large and packed high creating a maze of isles.
Printing presses, type, Old wood type in Fonts!!!, cuts, paper, NASA
surplus, military surplus: all mixed together.

Why am I telling you this? Not because I'm a saint. My reasons are simple.
1. To prevent antique dealers (whom I have very little respect for) from
buying and breaking up the fonts.
2. To discourage Jim from needlessly dumping type. Jim is not a printer
and sees little virtue in sans serif faces like Futura.
3. Rent is high for Jim, until eBay Jim was considering closing down;
The More You and I Buy, the More Used Type Jim will Consider Buying to
resell. Perhaps you like me can't afford (nor want) a complete shop for
sale; Jim can.

Because I have been going to Jim's for nearly 9 years and know Jim well,
don't think I have an advantange over others, it's still first come,
first served. It gives me a great thrill to direct newcomers to the fonts
of their dreams. I sometimes consider myself the unofficial tour guide of
the warehouse; a sort of Disneyland for printers, a Sargasso Sea for
everyone else.

Tips for Newcomers:

1. Wear warm work clothes, it's sometimes dirty and cold.

2. Endurance is the key to finding fonts you want; be systematic.
Remember this is a maze, you will be like Theseus in ancient Knossos. Jim
will be Daedalus. An antique dealer will be the minotaur. I perhaps will
be your Virgil.

3. Trust no case: many cases are mismarked; I have found Legend in Park
Avenue and Neuland in Spartan Black. I glean coppers and brasses from
many cases, jim usually gives them away or for very little.

4. Leave your coffee thermos and sunglasses in the car; you may set them
down and never see them again. Everything tends to get rotated around.
You will find them a year latter. Maybe.

5. Flashlight!

Jim is very friendly, helpful, generous and adores children. Contact him
Home before 9pm PST, 415-584-8928
Warehouse at Hunters Point in San Francisco, 415-822-2766
Jim's email is HomerLea@aol.com

Happy Hunting!, Rich Spelker
Ootheca Press Laboratory

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