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Re: Laser printing onto cloth!!

I haven't directly run cloth through a laser printer, but I have run it through
a photocopier.  I used the manual feed tray, which at least for my model,
created a straight path through the machine (the cloth didn't have to go through
any 180 degree turns and such).  I haven't seen a laser printer which has a
straight path manual feed tray, but apparently this is not the issue I thought
it was.

It is a great way to put graphics onto cloth, as well as reproducing title page
fonts, which you might not have with your stamping machine.  And if you are
handy with PageMaker or other DTP programs, you can lay out the design so you
have a front cover illustration and the title/author on the spine.

You definitely want to spray some kind of fixative on the cloth afterwards.
I've noticed a bit of darkening as well with the Krylon.  I just ended up
putting a light coat even where there wasn't any printing just to keep the color

As I always say, I'll run anything through a photocopier or laser printer as
long as it isn't mine and the owner isn't around....


 Eric Alstrom       Hanover, NH
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