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Re: non-toxic lacquer thinner substitute

>By the way, some people have begun using oil of lavender instead of
>wintergreen. I've heard that it's actually more dangerous than wintergreen,
>but don't have any sources.

I think that's unlikely. Lavender oil is one of the gentlest and non-toxic
natural essential oils, and is used by aromatherapists and many others to
regularly massage into the skin, inhale, put into baths etc. It has postive
healing qualities - it soothes, disinfects, and especially heals burns
better than anything else. It is also a relaxant, and soporific. One
wouldn't normally take it internally, but it isn't poisonous dilute in
small quantities.

As with all concentrated substances, care should be taken. Lavender oil
is one of only a couple of essential oils that is sufficiently mild and
safe to put directly onto the skin, but one wouldn't want to do this in
quantity or often - usually all essential oils are diluted before
medicinal use. The qualities of lavender are enough to make it a positive
benefit to be exposed to small quantities of it fairly regularly  -
'small' means a few drops, or the aroma. But constant exposure, especially
when combined with toxins, can eventually cause allergies and
sensitivities to most things.

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