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Summer workshops in Portland, OR

Barb Tettenbaum who is not on the List has asked me to post the following:

Announcing Summer Book Arts Workshops at the Oregon College of Art and Craft
8245 SW Barnes Rd.:: Portland, OR :: 97225
Call OCAC for summer catalog: 1-800-390-0632 or (503)297-5544 ext. 129
or email Barbara Tetenbaum with questions about specific workshops

Daniel Kelm
June 12-16, Monday - Friday, 9:00-4:00
Tuition: $385 lab fee: $130
The workshop begins with an introduction to a variety of metals and surface
manipulation techniques.  Examples include brass, copper, silver, lead,
iron, and aluminum, that have been patinated using chemicals and heat
treatments, debossed in an etching press, cut, drilled, incised, or
abraded. Students receive a kit to create their own set of samples. Two
bookbindings will be taught which combine materials and techniques in
innovative and interesting ways: 1. Thin Metal Over Boards  -- Thin metal
is an exciting alternative to traditional covering materials for many book
structures. In this structure, thin metal will be wrapped around a core
board and adhered to a rigid paperboard carrier. Covers will be attached to
a text block of signatures utilizing interior metal wires, and sewn on
linen tapes. Special attention is given to evaluating the appropriateness
of metal as a possible substitute for cloth, leather, or paper.   2:  Full
Metal Binding. -- Explore the requirements of combining rigid metal with
paper. Construct a multi-signature codex binding with exterior metal rods
and rigid metal covers. From this intense and playful five-day workshop you
can expect to gain the following: enough hands-on experience to give you
confidence for further exploration of metal; a set of metal samples that
have been manipulated both chemically and manually; and two exquisite,
finished bindings.
Prerequisite: good hand skills . Location: Calligraphy studio  Maximum: 15

Daniel Kelm studied and taught chemistry at the University of Minnesota
during the late sixties and early seventies.  An interest in the arts and
craft integration of mind and body  prompted him to leave academics to
study specialized traditional bookbinding techniques.  In 1983 he opened
his own studio, now called The Wide Awake Garage. There he designs and
produces artist's books and interpretive fine bindings which combine
traditional and new materials in innovative book and box structures.  Later
he founded the Garage Annex School which offers a wide range of book arts
classes as well as the study of  "poetic chemistry". His work can be found
in many prominent collections which include the Houghton Library,  New York
Public Library, Bridwell Library, Ransom Humanities Research Center,
Kohler Art Library, Walker Art Center,  and the Library of Congress.

Ruth Lingen
June 19 -23, Monday-Friday, 9:00-4:00
Tuition: $340  lab fee:$55
This letterpress-intensive class covers a variety of versatile typesetting,
printing and editioning techniques which will be employed in the creation
of prints and/or broadsides. Many image-making techniques will be explored
including: woodcut, linoleum cut, collograph, stata-graph, multiple color
printing, interchangeable matrices and more. We will focus on the use of
text as a visual element and edition individual and optional group
projects.  Maximum: 15 students
Prerequisite: some experience helpful but novices welcome   Location:
Calligraphy and Print Studios

Ruth Lingen is a printer and book artist who lives and works in New York
City. She has worked with many artists such as Jim Dine, Kiki Smith and
Chuck Close as a master printer at Pace Editions.
She received her MFA in Printmaking from the University of
Wisconsin-Madison, where, in 1986, she established Poote Press. Poote Press
publishes limited edition artists' books, copies of which can be found in
the Getty Museum, Harvard's Houghton Rare Book Library, the Whitney Museum
of Art, among others.

Julie Chen
July 10-14, Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 4:00
Tuition: $340  lab fee: $35
At the heart of every artists' book is the merging of concept, materials,
structure, and content. This five-day intensive workshop will offer you the
opportunity to expand your range and vision as a book artist, with a focus
on developing strategies for turning your ideas into real books.  Students
will be guided through the process of creating an artist book from start to
finish using innovative structures and materials, and various printmaking
techniques. We will complete a series of assignments that will touch on
concept and text development, image making strategies, techniques and
issues of structural design, and content integration. The ideas and
practices presented in this course can be equally valuable and accessible
to the experienced book artist as to the beginner.
Prerequisite: Some bookbinding / book art experience. Location: Calligraphy
and Print studios.  Maximum: 15 students

Julie Chen is a book artist and publisher of limited edition artist's books
under the Flying Fish imprint. She received her MA in Book Arts from Mills
College, where she currently teaches bookbinding. Her work is in many
notable collections including the Victoria and Albert Museum, The New York
Public Library and the Museum of Modern Art.

Gottfried Pott
Monday - Friday, August 7 -11,  9:00-4:00pm
Tuition: $410  Lab fee: $25
Everything written contains a visual language made up of images.  In
lettering, the effect of text and image complement one another in the
interaction of opposite forces.  Language and lettering, independent
products of culture of immeasurable value, undergo a fusion when they are
looked at from an artistic point of view beyond that which is expressed.
To be able to portray what is heard, felt, experienced, and seen in terms
of form, plane, structure and line this is what characterizes the use of
letters, calligraphic elements and images.This advanced level workshop will
focus beyond, behind, through and into letterforms. The center of gravity
of the practical exercises will be: impulse, intuition, inspiration,
interpretation, improvisation, and invention.
Prerequisite: Aprox. 3 years of calligraphy experience   Location:
Calligraphy studio
Maximum: 20 students

Gottfried Pott , of Wiesbaden, Germany, is the recent author of The Music
of Lettering (Schrift Klang Bild), and Professor of Design and Lettering at
the Fachhochschule Hildesheim/Holzminden. A fine teacher known throughout
Europe and the United States, he began his own studies with Friedrich Poppl
at the Werkkunstschule in Wiesbaden. Gottfried's personal work frequently
reflects his love of music and the abstract.

Book Arts Summer Class
Jill Odegaard
May 23 - June 22, Tuesday/ Thursday,  6:30 -9:30pm
Tuition: $260 lab fee:$50

This course is designed as an introduction to utilizing handmade paper as a
sculptural material. Focusing on the inherent characteristics of different
fibers, students will explore mold making and armature building as a
vehicle for creating three dimensional forms in paper. The mold making
process  involves two-part plaster molds and basketry techniques will be
demonstrated in the making of armatures. Characteristics of different
fibers, pigmenting pulp and surface treatments will be examined, as well as
contemporary and historical uses of paper as a fine art medium. Students
will complete a finished sculpture at the end of the five-week session.
No Prerequisite      Location: Calligraphy studio  Maximum: 15 students

Jill Odegaard is a mixed media installation artist who works primarily with
handmade paper as a sculptural medium. She has recently moved to Portland
from Minnesota where she taught college courses in design, sculpture and

Sounds like an exciting round-up!
Nancy Bloch

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