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Woodburytype revisited

Dear listmembers,

Some the printmakers on the list might be interested in the Woodburytype
process - a rare, continuous-tone printing method used very briefly in
the late 19th century. Due to the complexity of the method, the fact
that it couldn't be automated and the requirement of a hydraulic press
when preparing the lead printing plate (up to 500 metric tons for
preparing a 14 x 10 inch plate), the method became obsolete in the
1890's or so. However, Woodburytypes are very beautiful and usually
difficult to distinguish from the original photograph.

When I was in Australia a few days ago, I came across what might be the
only surviving press originally designed for the plate preparation.
Nowadays this press served as an ordinary hydraulic press in a foundry
and machinery shop, but I identified it by the embossed letters in the casting.

Mats Broberg,

Stockholm - SWEDEN


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