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The Lavender-Water Spritz

Sounds like a drink.<g>

Hi Susan!

That was lovely! :`)  Maybe you hadn't quite meant it to be *that*, in
particular, but it was (I guess if you knew me that would probably make
more sense). ;)

Aaanyway, I was just wondering... what would happen if one did that with a
whole book? Any suggestions on how to go about that (with a book that's
already put together, I mean) and not have it just REEK of lavender, and/or
do anything else, I suppose, that would ultimately not be in the book's
best interest?

And does it last, or does it fade away after a while -- and if so, how long
does it last before it really fades?

Thanks in advance -- and pardon my admitted newbie-ness to... to... ummm,
whatever it's called that you do there with the lavender, water and paper
("aromapapery", maybe???<g>).

Ron ;)

At 05:22 PM 2/15/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>I put lavender flowers in handmade paper and give the sheets a spritz of
>water with lavender oil in it.  Makes quietly delicious stationery for love
>letters . . .

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