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Re: The Lavender-Water Spritz

>Aaanyway, I was just wondering... what would happen if one did that with a
>whole book? Any suggestions on how to go about that (with a book that's
>already put together, I mean) and not have it just REEK of lavender, and/or
>do anything else, I suppose, that would ultimately not be in the book's
>best interest?
>And does it last, or does it fade away after a while -- and if so, how long
>does it last before it really fades?

A few thoughts: perfumes have a limited life, and there's quite an art to
creating a fragrance that will last through a whole day without changing.
One basic principle is that very volatile fragrances (called high notes)
can be made longer lasting by mixing with less volatile (low notes). Such
a mixture can be a nice combination, as the different notes - just like
music - can co-exist harmoniously, according to a tasteful blending. I'm no
expert, but I'd say lavender is a mid note. Low notes are things like the
woods - sandalwood, rosewood, or patchouli etc.

Fragrances shouldn't disappear if they aren't exposed to air, though if
mixed many oils will degenerate over a long time. So if an aromatic oil
was put right in between the leaves of a book, it could last a fair while,
assuming the book isn't kept fanned open. Certainly a few weeks, and
perhaps longer, especially as a residual smell. But oils do stain. Mixing
with water and spritzing on every page might need care not to cockle
everything. Or how about secreting something down inside the spine, soaked
in oil?

>("aromapapery", maybe???<g>).

Great word - it gets my vote!


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