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Re: The Lavender-Water Spritz

Ron Koster wrote:

> Aaanyway, I was just wondering... what would happen if one did that with a
> whole book? Any suggestions on how to go about that (with a book that's
> already put together, I mean) and not have it just REEK of lavender, and/or
> do anything else, I suppose, that would ultimately not be in the book's
> best interest?

I know I'm not Susan -- but -- go carefull y on the  stuff - a sihge ngle stem
of flowers pressed is plenty (if not perhaps too much)  -- I am referring to
fresh-dried; lavender blooms its second year so you can't just run out & buy the
plants --

Lavender fades with exposure to air so if the book is closed and enclosed,  the
scent will remain (just like a cedar chest -- which,  by the way,  is another
really nice way to make books and papers smell wonderful,  boxing them in cedar)


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