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licensing designs


I'm looking for some advice on selling a design, which has 2 parts as I see

My product is a wedding invitation, which I originally designed for my own
wedding, and now others want to use two parts of it: 1. the shape, which
folds up into an all-in-one sheet invitation (rather than having an invite,
response card and two envelopes); and 2. a saying which my husband wrote and
a knot which we tied in cord and attached to the invitation.

I made my invitations in handmade paper. Now a small shop in the business of
selling wedding invitations is interested in making a die of the shape and
offering it in a variety of papers.

Have any of you dealt with this type of contract/license with flat fees,
royalties, etc.? I'd love your feedback.

In addition, I've had some couples ask if they could reproduce the text and
the knot -- I'm thinking I'll just ask for a flat fee from the couple for
that. Again, I welcome you comments!

Helen Hiebert

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