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Artists book exhibition in the UK

For those of you who live in the UK there is an important artists' book
exhibition :

John Bently is a well known artist in the UK for his poetry and his many
publications.  He has exhibited widely in the UK and his works are in
important public collections. He is a regular on the active poetry circuit!
This exhibition is important for artists' books in the UK as it is the only
opportunity to see the entire set of John's project comprising 100 books.
John uses a variety of media from etched glass to painted leather, plastic
toys, fragments of the Berlin Wall, gloves, beer cans... He is probably one
of the most famous book artists in the UK and manages to keep his work fresh
and continually developing.

John Bently and the Liver & Lights Scriptorium invite you to attend an
exhibition of the 26 volumes that make up the Celebrated Compleat Set
(1984-1999) of that series known collectively as Liver & Lights. Venue: The
London Guildhall University, Integrated Learning Resource Centre), 41-71
Commercial Road, London E1 lLA, UK: Tel : 0207 320 1000). Dates: 29 Feb to 16
March 2000. Mon: 10.00 - 20.00, Tue-Thur: 09.00-20.00, Fri: 0900-1700.

Gandha Key
London, England

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