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Re: Binding magazine sets --- reply

What a great idea. Can I steal this idea from you and put it on our websites
-- papershops.com and boxstar.com?

We sell corrugated cardboard which can be used to easily make binders like you
have described -- see it at boxstar.com. We will soon be stocking various
archival materials and will be making mailings to museums and libraries --
trying to sell our boxmakers and materials.

We hope to stock archival corrugated cardboard in the not-too-distant future.

starr jr raymond h. wrote:
> Businesses that use a large number of catalogs often have a rack-like
> assembly with wires to hold the individual catalogs.  The wires run from
> the head of the catalog to the tail where they can be attached.  With a
> stapled publication it is best to run the wire along the centerfold
> gutter.
> About 30 years ago I developed a way of binding journals that is similar
> to the above. ... snip...

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