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Re: Woodbury Type

Jacqueline Peeler wrote:
> Most interesting web pages on the Woodburytype press, and most elegantly
> done for a quick-and-dirty. Is it possible anywhere on the web to see
> examples of the type (as set) itself?
> Jackie Peeler

Hello Jackie,

The continuous-tone images that you can produce by using the
Woodburytype printing process are quite similar to how a very good black
& white photographic print looks like. The process was developed due to
the fact that it could produce permanent prints cheaper and faster than
if you made photographic prints of the original. However, the complexity
of the process became an obstruction and the method was only used for a
very brief period of time.

I don't know of any images of Woodburytype prints on the web and even if
there were any, they would not look any different from a black & white
photograph. To see the difference you'd have to look at a Woodburytype
print using a loupe.

The excellence of the method is rather the fact that it produces
non-silver, continuous-tone images without any dot-screening.

Mats Broberg

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