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Re: licensing designs


I recently bought a book of contract for crafts, Business and Legal Forms
for Crafts by Tad Crawford. He has written several flavors of legal books
for artists. They contain sample forms and contracts, instructions for using
them, and (best of all for a situation like yours) checklists of negotiation
points for each form. There is also a cd (mac and pc format) with the forms
in editable formats.

I have found this book very helpful in outlining the major points of an
agreement like you are proposing. I am currently negotiating distribution of
some of my blank books and I would be very lost without the information that
I have gotten from this one $20 resource (and the input of my SCORE
volunteer, don't overlook that!).

Good luck.

Don Drake
Dreaming Mind

(510) 727-9131

>Have any of you dealt with this type of contract/license with flat fees,
>royalties, etc.? I'd love your feedback.
>In addition, I've had some couples ask if they could reproduce the text and
>the knot -- I'm thinking I'll just ask for a flat fee from the couple for
>that. Again, I welcome you comments!

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