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Re: licensing designs

The first thing to do, from a marbler's or other visual artist's
standpoint.....not that it's required, but it does carry clout in legal
cases should they come up, is to call the Library of Congress and get a V=
(visual artist) copyright application and maybe they can fax it to you. Y=
may then send 2 copies of the work...and they can be photos, and I believ=
$20 these days and obtain a copyright registration number. You can get th=
ball rolling too, with your customer (the copyright registration will tak=
a while to come back), and figure out what kind of profit they will be
making on YOUR artwork over time, and either settle on a flat rate or a
percentage. Copyrights these days are retroactive. Really, all you need t=
do is create the work to have a common-law copyright. I have been up
against numerous shady people who have ripped off my work, and found that=

having the registration number helps. Many of them will back down when yo=
produce a number.

Marblers charge, for the most part, for a one time or one project use,
anywhere from $400 up these days, to several thousand for a usage fee, an=
it all depends on the usage. I would recommend that you do not give them =
buyout unless they are prepared to give you quite a lot of money......I
know of a marbler or two who obtained in the lowish five figures. So if y=
just license,it is generally for the use on a particular project, and if
they re-use the design elsewhere, they should contact you for permission =
writing and you can then charge them a re-use fee....often 20%, but that'=
not a rule. The Graphic Artists Guild pricing standards book should help,=

and I believe they have a web-site you may be able to order from.

Iris Nevins

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