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Re: Snuff

At 16:59 16/02/2000 +0200, you wrote:
>Do you think snuff movies could be considered as art?

Hmmm that's a good question we all want to instinctively say no because
that  seems  to be the "right" answer.

I guess a parallel is: can child pornography be considered art?

Again we don't want to say yes because the subject matter is so horrific.
But subject matter doesn't impact upon the medium. Any film can be judged
on its technical approach and what not.

Plenty of other forms of "art" depict murder/rape and so on and we are
perfectly willing to accept those as artwork.

I find Alan Jones' sculptures of women in bondage wear as furniture (Table
Sculpture, Hat Stand and Chair, 1969) horrid but I have still had to write
on them for a University Art History course.

Stuff movies can certainly be judged as art, wheather or not we want to is
a different story.

- Morag

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