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Re: Snuff

I am an artist and I am also a lawyer.  If a snuff movie were to come my way
I would view it as evidence of murder.  I hope it would end up before the
courts and not as entertainment or "art" for the viewing public.
Furthermore, snuff movies completely dehumanize and degrade the woman who is
murdered.  The final and complete humiliation  is that her fear, torture,
and death can be viewed for profit and entertainment indefinitely, without
her consent.
Of course there is controversy concerning the definition of art, but when
crimes against humanity are being  filmed as they are committed I would draw
the line.  Otherwise, footage of torture and murder, such as occurred in
Nazi death camps, would be art.
Paul Bernardo and his wife murdered two innocent school girls here in Canada
a few years ago.  They filmed one of the murders.  That was not art.  It was
tragic and it hurt the families of the victims immeasurably.  Even the term
"snuff film" dehumanizes the poor tortured child whose pain and death were
Unless you can deal with this topic in a sensitive manner, I strongly
suggest that you rethink why you are doing it.  There is nothing
sophisticated or arty about casually analyzing whether or not such
dehumanization and torture of women for the pleasure of others is or is not
art.  If your presentation is on Contemporary Art, there are many deserving
I don't even think that this subject has the slightest thing to do with the
book arts.
Laura Tompkins

>> Dear All
>> I know this may be a bit of a hard one for many of you and don't want to
>> shock or upset you in any way, but I'm preparing a lecture on =
>> contemporary art and would be interested in your feedback -- as =
>> professional artists in different fields.
>> Do you think snuff movies could be considered as art?
>> thanks=20
>> Robyn Sassen

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