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Re: Snuff - false premise?

Though I'm intrigued by the description of the "goldfish snuffed in the
blender" exhibit, I'm assuming that the questioners meant to refer to the
alleged snuffing of humans in films.  But maybe this is a behavioral exercise
rather than a real art discussion.  But that would be unethical, right, since
you billed the question as contributing to an art lecture, not a psychology

I challenge your premise:  do snuff films even exist?  How do you know?  I
mean, if someone has to actually be murdered for the film to be considered a
snuff film (fake murders happen on tv and in film all the time, not
considered snuff), how do you prove that such films exist if you can't know
if the person was actually killed or not?  Someone help me with an analogy
here . . .


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