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Re: Snuff - false premise?

At 07:33 PM 2/16/2000 EST, Kimberly White wrote:
>I challenge your premise:  do snuff films even exist?  How do you know?

Well, I've never seen one personally, but I've seen a pretty explicit A&E
documentary on it, and I could certainly imagine that somewhere in this
world such films -- and those kinds of people who make them, and those who
view them -- exist.

And just think of what a wonderfully peaceful century we've just had, with
such a complete lack of homicidal/genocidal lunatics and crazies -- eek. 8|
 All my life the media has provided me with a whole variety of Nazi snuff
films to view, virtually at my leisure on any idle Sunday afternoon...

>how do you prove that such films exist if you can't know
>if the person was actually killed or not?  Someone help me with an analogy
>here . . .

Maybe just shooting someone dead is easy to fake, but torture, gang rape,
disembowlment, etc. etc. etc. would certainly be a little more complicated.
And there is the case of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka here in Ontario,
for example, a young married couple who were convicted a number of years
ago of kidnapping schoolgirls off the street and holding them captive in
their home, videotaping their sodomizing rapes and tortures, then murdering
them, sawing them up and scattering their bodies by the side of the road --
so it certainly has happened.

But this is all too lighthearted a discussion for me, folks -- geez! Can we
get back to the frightening morbidity and hopeless despair of bookbinding
once again?

Ron ;)

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