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Re: Enuff snuff

>So how about those book arts. Anyone working on interesting, complex
>projects. Any exhibits we should all know about...
>             ***********************************************
I guess this qualifies:

Two years ago, I told you about a new method I developed (it was really my
husband's idea) for using velcro to hold a replaceable insert in a binder,
a reservation book for a restaurant. The format is 9 by 14 and each insert
consists of 6 signatures, enough for 3 months. As each gets filled, it is
stored and replaced in the binder by a fresh one.

Last week, the restaurant called and ordered 8 more inserts (2 year's
worth). When I asked how the method was working, the manager said, "Great!
You should get it patented."

The only problem is that I have all of this left-over hook-sided velcro I
don't know how to use. (The inside of the spine of the binder, or case, has
3 2" strips of hook-side velcro to which matching strips of the other side
adhere.) Anyone have a use for it?
Betty Storz   storz@mcn.org
Mendocino, CA

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